Wellness and Physiotherapy :

Can Do Multiple Sclerosis : based in Vail, Colarodo. Holds wellness
programs for people with MS throughout North America.

Lifeisnow.ca : Neil Pearson, Physiotherapist and Yoga
therapist, specializes in chronic pain in Penticton, BC.

NeuroLogic Physiotherapy and The Centre for Myofascial
: NeurologyRehab Clinic in Ottawa Ont. Where Victoria
Szwajcer RegPT is practising.

GNAG : Glebe Neighborhood Activities Group
I currently teach Zumba and Mom and Baby-
wearing dance classes here

Multiple Sclerosis :

MS Society in Canada.
National MS Society in the United States.
When I Walk : Documentary.

Brain Injury :

BC Brain Injury Association

Yoga :




Sprituality :

www.dharmaocean.org : Contains great free audio; relaxation techniques;
10 point practice and earth breathing (go to teachings, then audio)

Dharma Ocean Canada.org

Books :

Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis: A Journey to Health and Healing
by Eric Small and Lauren Fishman
Yoga for Movement Disorders
by Renee Le Verrier